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To uphold the quality of healthcare in Department of Health No. 22 which includes the municipalities of Torrevieja, Orihuela, Guardamar, Pilar de la Horadada, Rojales, Los Montesinos, San Fulgencio and Benijofar, and to demand that the Autonomous Government of Valencia works constantly to improve it.

A management model that guarantees shorter waiting lists and better healthcare quality for patients and their families.

If this PUBLIC HEALTHCARE management model is put out to tender, we demand that the regional authority grants the concession and supports the continuity of whichever management model offers the best service and the highest quality.

If the Valencian regional authority decides, for ideological reasons, not to assess the quality of the healthcare service that it currently provides and leads us to a management model that replicates the disastrous situation that we are witnessing every day in ALZIRA, this Platform will make sure to protest and demand that these eight municipalities of the coastal zone of Vega Baja are not subjected to the catastrophic deterioration of their PUBLIC HEALTH system.


It is intolerable that, due simply to ideology, the expectation of healthcare and the quality of life of our local residents are being diminished in this way. Illness and disease do not understand political parties.

We are going to mobilize ourselves. And we are going to do so totally across the board. In the same way that diseases, unfortunately, do. We are going to look for support and endorsements, from both the left and the right. From the highest to the lowest. From top to bottom. From the apparently most important sectors of our civil society to those who, supposedly, are of lesser importance. And we say ‘supposedly’ because EVERYONE is important. WE WILL ANNOUNCE individual presentations to be held in every municipality by this Platform. And we will have at least one delegate/representative per municipality on the Platform.

This platform is not against any individual per se. It was not founded with the intention of creating enemies or stirring up political confrontations of any kind with anyone.

This platform sees itself as a legally constituted entity with sufficient freedom and moral authority to send the following message:

We respect the decisions made by the Public Administration about the actions that affect our health.

However, in Department No. 22 of Torrevieja and the Coast of Vega Baja, these political decisions about our health system must lead in ONE DIRECTION ONLY, and that is to guarantee improvements to our healthcare. These decisions should never lead to longer waiting lists and worse healthcare quality, which is what has been happening in ALZIRA.



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